Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Game on. The season is under way and I'm not with it yet. There's another season still happening.

by Ryland Walker Knight

get big

So I didn't even start a fantasy baseball team this season. Oh well. There's better ways to waste time on the internet, right? Or, better still: there's good weather in California, good enough to drive me outside -- to play basketball. I'm not especially good (I may even be "bad") but since the start of 2008 it's been a lot of fun shooting and driving and running around with my friends. Some of it, I think, is inspired by the fun-times play of the Golden State Warriors this season. Every game I've watched has been full of awesome feats of athleticism (by Baron, yes, but moreso by Monta Ellis since the new year began). We even went to a game (that dope come-from-behind win over the Lakers) earlier in the season, which was the best thing I did over my winter break, I'd wager. It's going to be hard for any A's games to top that fever-pitch level of enthusiasm. Even with a lot of beer and sunshine. Because, as much as I'd like to be hopeful, I don't see the A's winning more than 70 games this year, if that. They have a pretty decent starting five, it's true, but I'm very suspicious of their line-up, and of Billy Beane. I think we could see today's starter, Rich Harden, gone by the deadline. (Probably more likely: yesterday's starter, Joe Blanton, will get a new uni quicker.) But that's baseball. The A's are rebuilding. One can only hope (as I'm trying) that things will look a lot better down the line. They did pick up a lot of prospects in those two trades, though, so I guess I should trust that guy in charge: he's made a lot of correct decisions. I mean, there was that book about him after all.

But, in the meantime, I'll occupy myself with how the Warriors close out their schedule. There's 8 games left. It seems likely that they can beat Dallas again tonight, and Memphis on Friday, before rolling into Chris Paul's Hornets on Sunday (it's on ABC!), which, in all likelihood, will be another L, or a real test in any event (outcome). If the W-men (pace Shay) can beat Denver, and give Phoenix a good run, they'll be in good shape, I think, to hit the playoffs a second year in a row. And you gotta like their chances more when you remember that Dirk probably won't be back to full health this season and that there's three cake games (Kings, Clippers, Sonics) tossed in there after New Orleans, too. And it's not like any of the three teams has any scheduling advantage down the stretch. It's just a reiteration of that adage: Every game counts. But, hey, I'm buying that marketing slogan: this is where amazing happens. I hope there's some amazing coming.

[Pix, both from A's fans dozing / Baron getting big. Videos: 1. Official NBA ad / 2. Fan ad.]


  1. I love that they smile. Baron tries to play it cool for a few seconds after big shots, but cant help it. SJ is all smiles, Monta always appears happy to be on the court. The Nuggets may be the better team at playing fast and I guess, winning, but Melo and AI are hard. Hard is out, man. Fun is the new hard. I smile watching them and I dont get mad when they lose, bc they inspire play. It would be like getting mad if I lost to you (eh hem, um... at some point haha.)
    great post!!

  2. Fitting that the night after I post this they go ahead and get routed, forcing them to either run the table or sit out. Gah. Dirk really is a valuable player...

    And, as generous as that was, we both know I'll most likely never beat you. Unless, of course, I'm playing with Team America! That fool gets big!