Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach, where death begets art.

by Ryland Walker Knight


One of the first film nerd moments in New York back in January was the opportunity to see this Straub-Huillet piece projected big and loud at the Walter Reade. Given my transient status that month, it took me a little longer to finish a piece on the film. Long enough so that Kasman decided to sit on the piece until now. I like to think it's more than a space filler and implore you to click right here and gauge for yourself.



  1. Woo!: "Don’t go for a lesson. Go to see and support the light. As happy as this thing is to stand tall without you, your gaze helps history and beauty and curls and organs (both bodily and piped-chordal) project anew."