Sunday, June 06, 2010

La Varda

by Ryland Walker Knight

—I just bleue myself

Before Cannes, Danny asked me to write a paean to Angès Varda, "because you love her, right?" See, after some clandestine business negotiations (are they ever different?), The Auteurs, which remains MUBI's curatorial wing, is now showing all of Varda's work—shorts and features alike. Of course, I agreed to fulfill Danny's request; a few weeks later I wound up with an apt love letter full of fun catch phrases intended to strike up your desire to watch the films again. So, you know, please to read what I wrote and, maybe more importantly, please do watch her films. They aren't a hard sell, anyways, are they? Maybe they are; maybe I don't know. Maybe just click here.

Nous nous chargeons du cinéma

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