Monday, March 19, 2007

On A Dime Screenshot/s for the Day

by Ryland Walker Knight

["Our moods do not believe in each other." -- Emerson]

Ziyi Zhang and Tony Leung have just had sex for the first time in 2046. Ziyi's character, Bai Ling, just exited the shared bathroom and fixed her purple bathrobe as she walked back into her apartment, excited. But then Tony's character, Chow Mo Wan, complicates everything: he's dressed and leaving the room. Furthermore, he tries to give her some money, saying "It's for your torn dress." Her on a dime reactions slay me.

I've got one of those "illegal" Region 0 DVDs Netflix and other outlets had before Sony Pictures Classics bought the distribution rights so these stills aren't as beautiful as they should be. STILL, she's pretty adorable. And then there's that tear...

"I wasn't selling."


  1. I can't stand it.

    Again, I have to go to Nina Simone, who didn't write this, but sang it in a manner similar to Ms. Zhang's hearbreak in those screenshots: "They burn their hearts so much that death is just a naaaame..."

  2. Amazing captures, I can't believe how much goes through her face in so short a time! This was the best performance I've ever seen her give, and made me take her much more seriously as an actress at this stage in her international career than I had in the past.