Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Six-word stories.

by Ryland Walker Knight

As per an earlier conversation, and this thing, I offer a few short-short-short stories I think you might like.

Tiring, this sleep; we woke up.

The Louvre stinks: let's race through.

They're sure to fuck up Godard.

Blessed be the orange, sexy condominium.

She bought me shoes six times.

Walter ate the steak, drank wine.

Guess that killed them? Wait, no.

Please, please. No, please. Yeah, alright.

Who fucked who how many times?

The river bends and breaks, falls.

The river does not stop flowing.

Waiting, Joan kept drinking, cooking, living.

Hemingway shot a chicken outside Paris.

Walter hated the steak, and wine.

Salinger ran, threw out the typewriter.

Humbert licked her wounds, and his.

"EAT ME, sucka!" cried the honey.

I lost her shoes six times.

I've been awake since four, dammit.

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  1. My fave: Hemingway shot a chicken outside Paris. Perfect!