Monday, November 19, 2007

Timid but loud, blissed pain.

How does one write about Nirvana? I gave it a whirl for The Daily Cal, reviewing the new DVD of their Unplugged in New York performance. You may like my attempt, you may not -- you may not give a shit about my tenure at Culver Military Academy's summer program or you may find it an intriguing entry. (If you enjoyed your time at said institution, I apologize for my characterization of it; it just seemed that everybody I met there was an unhappy teen.) Basically: I'm not as good writing about music as I am about movies. Plus, how does one write about Nirvana? It's like trying to write something novel about The Beatles. Who cares, really, about some stereotypical reaction to a pop phenomenon? Oh well. Please, read it! After such an endorsement, how can you refuse, right? Stay up, peoples! --RWK

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