Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She weaves all things together.
——Mother, now I know where you live.


More soon, once I find the time to actually watch this thing I love. I can't believe I've waited so long. I can't believe this is here and I'm not watching it now. I can't believe the joy of holding this plastic and not knowing when I'll slip the disc in, when I will let the wash fill me, when I might build a new cathedral in words, when I may see these sites anew and fresh, when the water will flow past my fingers and dance on my eyes all sparkles, when we will sing. Soon, we say, soon soon; see the world. Go frolic forth first. The time will present itself, it's there, bubbling, waiting to surface. Come, spirit, out of the soul of me.

[Youtube clip sent my way by Dave Guzman.]


  1. I KNOW. Sorry, I don't think I've commented here before but I feel the same way about this. Incidentally, has there been any information about the story behind the creation/release of this new cut? The whole thing seems (not that surprisingly) to be very low-key.

    I bought it, but I won't watch it until I can find a bigger TV.

  2. canoe paddles softly enter still stream

  3. and tilt UP

    @ Toad: thanks for commenting now. and, no, I haven't watched it yet. but i shall. this week is jam-packed, tho, and it will have to wait.