Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Links for today. (Placeholder?)

by Ryland Walker Knight

light fail

Not quite sure how many VINYL IS HEAVY readers know about or even think to look at (much less subscribe to) that other, goofy blog I keep called freeNIKES!. It began as a much more collaborative project between myself and Cuy Kimovich Kasparov, but, as time wore on, and KK moved across a pond over there, it became clear that this space is more like a glorified tumblr for as many wild and tangential enthusiasms as I can throw up in my free time. (This should not be taken as disparagement of KK's blogging prowess. Dig his other work at the ever-hilarious and -smart Weekend Terrorism.) Well, last night my internet "problems" at home were solved. And, amidst some other bullcrap, this morning and early afternoon I spent a lot of time corralling cool shit over there. In fact, I threw up 11 things. Some are more interesting than others. Some are borderline useless. But, as with everything over there, they all light me up in some way or another. One makes me sigh, most make me laugh, one makes me think, "Good grief," while others are simply "cool." So here's a list that's definitely redundant, in (watch out!) reverse-posting order, to take you through my trajectory. Maybe one of these will make your day!

Half-hour later update: A friend reminds me that my Google Reader Shared items feed acts as another blog of sorts and that, yes, I am rather addicted to that little "share" button. You can find plenty of daily enthusiasms by clicking this link to see the items as a website or by clicking this link to subscribe to the feed itself.

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  1. kimovich kasparov is just way hotter than Cuyler JAcob Ballenger. to tell truth, im not sure what to do with either of them. but i would love some free nikes right now. Also, Alfonso Ribiero, esq .... is a boy man, a man boy genius. invite him to vinyl and see what he can say maybe. (he may not say). hey. i love that my keyboard is fully equiped with [ñ] this now. i look forward to hearing what Coffeen has to say to you. its warmer in NY in the winter than Oakland ever gets, you know that