Monday, December 22, 2008

A Quick Note: on the late late bojangles. (EFF THE ARE EYE EH EH!)

From RWK to you, beloveds.

to love somebody; you don't know

I'm playing with a sidebar redesign. This involves blogroll/s. This involves shrinking the blogroll/s. I think smaller versions are more "helpful" and a "cooler" barometer of taste. Just know, the sidelined, as if you even care, that I am currently subscribed to well over 150 blogs in my Reader and when the "new items" number balloons past 600, like it did today, I freak the fuck out and that's bad news for this boy. So, like I said, I'm gonna try to thin some things. Like, for starters, my jeans. What?! Here's a gift: MORE NINA SIMONE! Here she's singing a George Hairyson song! (Also, thanks, Girish, as ever, for the nod; glad we're "wonderful" over here. Like, a lot.)

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