Saturday, March 07, 2009

Found Facts. Time stands still. UPDATED.

by Ryland Walker Knight

There's so much movement in these stills. We see fire spark and hands clap, we see the world a blur: we see the blemish of time in digital grain. I'm trying to edit together the footage from that show last October in a way that will animate the stills into life, and blend with the live motion captured by my digi-kino-eye. I'm trying to make something these guys on stage would like, and not get all Lars Ulrich about; that is, something beautiful. Something like this genuinely "perfect" album. And, again, here's the earlier installments I'm hoping to add more to in the coming weeks. (Also, I plan to mirror/port the files in higher quality to my new vimeo account.)

This video, seen at supervillian, makes my little in-progress work seem so much more, um, gritty. And, how do you say, non-representational? Which is to say: it's cool to see Mezzanine (and snippets of Frisco) all bright like neon love in HD.

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