Monday, March 16, 2009

Masks keep shrinking.

by Ryland Walker Knight

I got some advice from my friend Justin: he said, in much more elaborate terms, to go ahead and join twitter. He made such a good (persistent) argument that I followed suit. You can "follow" me, if you like, by clicking right here. I'm wary as all get out, of course, but branding is what it is: a tool. Just like this "Something like a CV" post I threw up semi-covertly. Oh, and, I'm still waiting for my page to look like I want it to look. So, you know, be patient with me. Jacque and his mask will soon enough be something of a patron mascot. Finally, I've added the widget over on the sidebar for those skeptical, smart few who just don't want to play this new 2.0 game. [fN!]

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