Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Endless odds on the eternal

by Ryland Walker Knight

le cochon

Given my proclivity to waste time, it shouldn't surprise that every now and again I'll do just that and make lists, or obsess over details of a list, and try my damnedest to craft the best representation of my tastes as possible. It's a fool's game, no doubt. It kills the clock in ways I shouldn't allow it to, but nevertheless do allow. So I figured with all the investment I've put into these things the past week, even in the past twenty-four, I thought I'd go ahead and re-link to my VINYL IS FAVORITES page and my Auteurs profile, which has that incomplete-but-still-fun-to-tinker-with list-maker of favorite auteurs. Further, it was a year ago, roughly, that I launched that FAVORITES catch-all. So what more "excuse" do I need to say, "Look at this!" Now, on this alarmingly cold morning, I'll gear up because, as ever, I should try to get a run in.

should try to get a run in

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