Saturday, September 13, 2008

For good or ill or plain ego trap tricks: Favorites.

by Ryland Walker Knight

Welcome to fucking Deadwood!


I've said before to a lot of people that lists make me itch. But before I went to Telluride I started this Text Edit file that listed favorites for every year. I'm not exactly proud, nor exactly ashamed, of these lists, but I remembered that when I started reading film blogs and online criticism in general I got a lot out of looking at lists. I got a lot of good ideas. And while I'm nowhere near as well versed as others out there (like, say, Michael Sicinski or Ed Gonzales; two dudes who pointed me towards a lot of cool stuff), maybe this will satisfy somebody's curiosity. If anything, it will please my buddy Michael Kansberg. For now I only put up the last three decades because they're the easiest, and because they cover how long I've been around this world, and because I want to fill out the others some more before I offer them up. I had the impulse to be as honest as possible and throw up all the unfinished lists but then I got nervous and self-conscious and I reigned it in a bit. Not sure when the rest will "go live" but they'll probably get going sometime soonish. And, please, tell me things. I like to learn.

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