Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to all naughts. UPDATED.

by Ryland Walker Knight

—Let's not make him LBJ 2.0; I mean, look at him!

My good friend @Cambomb is, among other things, a DJ. He spins all kinds of dance music, but in the past year he's definitely drifted towards the deeper house end of the party spectrum. I, for one, dig it whole heartedly. Today he finalized his last mix of the year (and of the decade) by giving voice and dance and movement to a current mood we're sharing.

So, yes, a pun: Goodbye to all naughts [1:07:26] (mediafire download)
UPDATE: Cam writes, "so i know the last one got fucked up somehow. heres a new one." —011210 [133mb] (mediafire download)

We needn't explain just what it means, do we? The gist is just this—define yourself by what you are. We're after an immanence here. This is the world we live in. This is the life we're given. It's a pretty good one, too, even with all the speedbumps and headaches and heartbreaks, so let's enjoy it. Really simple stuff! Really simple to say, that is, and always harder to truly embrace. One way, though, is to go dancing. Even if it's just in your bedroom, or in your head, and not booming at that house party tonight. Just feel it. Don't look at a mirror, don't look at anything in particular; get myopic, get big. Move! Burst your body in every direction!

If every sense is just a fine tuned version of touch—you touch the light of the world with your eyes, you touch the vibrations of the world with your eardrums (drums!), you touch the scents of the world with those little hairs in your nose, you touch the tastes with your tongue (duh)—then of course you should follow a tribe, any tribe, and let this beat overtake you one bar at a time until all you feel is you're feeling it. And if dance music isn't your thing, well, maybe we can change your mind. Find the vibe and have a good time. Party safe tonight! Party hearty! Party your butts off, but keep you pants on, maybe, until the time is right. See you in the new year.

Bonus beats: Beats In Space #494, the Jerry Fuchs tribute, which everybody should not just weep with but also simply vibe with, all the way from your tearducts to your fleet feet.


  1. on the whole i loved it! really cool! but what went wrong around 5min in?!

  2. Ahh, er, we noticed that a little late, too. Oh well. Probably just something to do with bouncing it to mp3. I think cam is away from his computer, so we'll have to bless y'all with cleaner, proper copy in the new year! 'Til then...

  3. I hated the term the "naughties", but I already hate the term the "teenies" even more, and there is another 10 years to go.