Monday, December 14, 2009

Vinyl is heavy and Vitti is forever #20

by Ryland Walker Knight

—We believe you, promise.


  1. Just yesterday I ordered my own Christmas present from my teenage boys (how sad is that, but at least I get what I want). I ordered L'avventura on DVD to replace my manky old PAL VHS copy.

  2. A quick question for you Ryland, have you ever seen The mystery of Oberwald? Which I believe was the last time Antonioni worked with Vitti, I have not seen it but would lve too.

  3. I have not seen _Oberwald_ but I sure would like to; especially since it's an early experiment with video. If I do see it, know that I will (at the least) write a little nugget in a viewing log. I hope you enjoy your DVD!