Friday, December 21, 2007

COEN COUNTRY: delay of game.

Mark it zero

RWK says: I spoke too soon. Mostly my fault, but at its simplest it's this: We Ain't Ready. Still, there's three concrete things I can blame for my procrastination: beer, dance parties and porn. Plus, I read Cormac McCarthy's The Road this week, which I was surprised I finished, especially after disliking his previous book (or what little I read of it), which I also thumbed through in preparation for this little project. So, thanks for your anonymous patience! If anything, we can say thank you to Mike for getting his essay done in, like, an hour after I emailed the crew about this project. In honor of that, here's another anonymous, patient mug, Ed Crane:

[There were marketing plans for promotional bumper stickers to read, "Ed is Ed."]

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  1. Great screenshot of Jimmie Dale Gilmore under the gun! The Dude Abides.