Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Steve's Armond White Conversation: easy links.

Steven Boone just posted his third and final installment in a lengthy but oh-so-fun conversation with Armond White. The first installment: "In a world that has The Darjeeling Limited, Sidney Lumet should be imprisoned!". The second installment: Phonies, Cronies, American Ironies, American Gangsters. The third installment: Sweet Lime and "Sour Grapes". I finally commented on the last one. It's in line with all the usual obsessions, plus with some notes on my own take on Margot at the Wedding. So, please read their conversation if you have yet to: it's worth it. And the installments make it easier to get through in pieces. As much as White rankles, he comes off as a congenial fellow who loves movies, and loves the world, despite all the deficiencies apparent in both. There's also Steve's Ten favorite AW quotes. Once again, I'm sure you've seen all this before, since you are so cool, but Steve is my buddy and I thought I'd throw him yet more eyes, even the same ones a second time. --RWK

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