Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quickly: "I believe it's called seepage." PTA on Fresh Air.

[Pic stolen from Jürgen.]

RWK says: You can listen to the half-hour interview by clicking here. It's, well, it's a pretty standard Fresh Air interview, I guess, but in addition to the conversation, it's got some great dialogue clips from There Will Be Blood. Plus, PTA is a winning personality.
  • "That fever that you get is the most enjoyable part of it. So, um, we were definitely shooting what we were living, for the most part."
  • "First and foremost it's a great boxing match. ... They start out with their wits and their words, but then they start throwing punches."
  • "In my eyes, Daniel is the holy grail of I couldn't really wait to get my hands on him."
  • "And the funny thing is, as much as it's changed, it's still kind of the same as it is today: it's driving an enormous pole into the ground over and over and over again until, you know, you poke the monster enough, and it explodes."

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