Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Perpetual Motion

hide your eyes
wipe your face

These images come from two films that are superficially divergent but thematically (spiritually?) very close, maybe even kin. A small part in this cross pollination is the use of The Kink's "This Time Tomorrow," which I've made available right here. The other parts are, among other things, youth, cinema, lust versus love (locating desire), fraternity, movement, making colors and spaces (say an affect) in words and physical forms (through poetry, sculpture, cigarettes, prayers), and taking drugs. I wish I had more time to explore these paths. But for now I can say, after seeing just two pictures by Philippe Garrel now (each viewed during the early, half-light AM hours normally reserved for writing (my apologies, Michael)), that I'm digging his vision of how to organize a film: it's measured, one might say doucement in French (has anybody?), to deny big moments, to linger on quiet spaces between people, between stories even. I hope that new print of Je n'entends plus la guitarre travels West. It probably will, right? --RWK

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  1. Ry, the Garrel (which really blew me away) actually has US distribution thanks to a new small outfit called The Film Desk. It's also doing a run in Toronto over the summer, so odds are you'll definitely see it in your neighborhood.