Monday, March 10, 2008

Friedlander at SFMOMA.

by Ryland Walker Knight

head shot
god bless america
look back
"Friedlander's America is a bowed space: streets and minor monuments appear bent by his short lens; flesh weighs people in place; faraway light, often obfuscated by trash and chain link fences, or reflected in display windows, offers a lift. "

A while back I looked in on the Lee Friedlander exhibit currently occupying the North side of San Francisco MOMA's fifth floor. Due to all kinds of other content and news, and the length of the run of this exhibit, my piece is now finally seeing the published light of day. Go here to read what I wrote. And go to the SFMOMA to see the pictures in real, tangible life -- they're delightful, joyful, and indeed seminal. Kind of fitting that this runs today, the day after The Wire ends. But more on that, and my idea of America, and the worth of that kind of art, later -- maybe next week. Look for Cuyler's finale wrap up later today tonight, as ever.

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