Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two thousand weight? #8: Hella eyes

by Ryland Walker Knight

ever changing!

Ok, I lied. I do have some more things to say about my year with the movies. I said some of those things, rather haphazardly, in a contribution to Brian Darr's second annual I Only Have Two Eyes poll. That link will open the whole series of posts—starting with Brian's introduction and his own list, and continuing through the alphabetically arranged considerations of (former) fellow bay cinephiles I will most definitely miss seeing around town. One glaring, idiotic omission from my list: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival. I don't know how I could forget! (Well, I do: I rushed through composing my notes.) In any case, that weekend was a true highlight not just for the films I got to see but for where I got to see them (in that cathedral of cathedrals, The Castro) and who I got to see them with (including Brian, and our lovely czar Michael, and the cosmopolitan Shahn, and the flown-in Darren & Girish). Another forgotten treasure was the SFIFF screening of En la cuidad de Sylvia, which spawned three thoughtful letters between yours truly and our friends Jen Stewart and Kevin B. Lee. So, please go look around at some of these links. For all my two thousand weight dumpy dirt piles, there were beams of light cutting through the clouds to glint across my horizon.

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  1. Thought I'd left a comment before but it didnt seem to take. So I'll just say, thanks for your participation and know that you'll be missed here in 2009!