Friday, January 02, 2009

There is only this. A new New World.

by Ryland Walker Knight


Oh hai, 2009! Thank you, you! I'm more than pleased to offer my first bit of writing of 2009 over at The House Next Door, which operates as an anniversary marker for the site as well as, as ever, an inauguration for our new year. Having just moved to New York City this week, first to the couch at Keith's lovely Slope apartment, the ever hospitable Mr Uhlich and I sat down December 31st and, after watching the Extended Cut of Terrence Malick's masterpiece, The New World, we recorded a podcast. It took us a couple daze to piece together our accompanying words with some handsome stills and arrange it all for you—and now it's ready. You can take in our efforts by clicking this link here if you did not follow the link above. There's plenty more to say, of course, and we look forward to hearing from you all, but for now I'll reiterate myself yet again and say, "Thanks," to Keith and to Matt and to everybody who takes the time to read (however thoughtfully or not) whatever it is I find time to write. Here's to more of this good thing now and further into our future.

a shroom

[An accompanying image essay can be found, and enjoyed, on VINYL IS IMAGES.]

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