Friday, June 23, 2006

Berkeley keeps getting more appealing (vs NYC)

by Ryland Walker Knight

Anybody in the bay who loves movies should go to PFA all summer long. Forget Pirates of the Carribean, forget Superman, go see some good movies.

Like Seven Mizoguchi Classics. Only one is available on Region 1 (Ugetsu, Criterion) so go and tell me all about Sansho the Bailiff.

Or, check out the double bill on July 1st: PERFECT. I don't know anything about this director's cut but man, Woman in the Dunes deserves more props outside the hardcore film junkies. And paired with the Malick movie that keeps getting ignored--I'll say it again: perfect.

And I know you love Isabelle Huppert. Tomorrow they're showing a rare early entry in her filmography that is completely unavailable in any format except maybe some rare VHS copies that are sure to be in poor quality.

Also, you don't have to take showers twice a day to keep cool in the Bay--only after you play frisbee on campus. Can't wait. Gonna make it work for all the right reasons this time. Yeah, outside as well as in the dark of a movie theatre.

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