Monday, November 06, 2006

Regarding a name change

by Ryland Walker Knight

For a while now I've been teased about the name of this blog. It was an inside joke to begin with and now it seems like quite an obvious joke to any strangers. Yes, there are only young men participating in the erratic posting.

Anybody who may visit this site should be forewarned: the name of the blog, and its address will be changing at the end of the week. A Sleep Over will become Vinyl Is Heavy, appropriating the title from my abortive attempt at a first novel all about media-inlfuenced, angsty young adults.

To a new, brighter future with less sexual innuendo and, hopefully, more regular posting.


  1. no name change. bring back the 'boulders' subheading. and feature links to explicit gay porn sites. let's go all the way with this thing.

  2. all the way? are you serious? sorry, i can't join you on that side of the rainbow.