Friday, November 03, 2006


by Ryland Walker Knight

The stage was set: viral advertising and google videos as primers, I was ready to go on the sexytimes journey across America with wild and crazy guy BORAT, Sascha Baron Cohen's greatest invention. I had committed to staying up late for the midnight staff screening. I got a good ammount of alcohol in me, enough to bouy me through the short running time. The auditorium was packed with drunk theatre employees. After a half hour of movie trailers and Stella Artois ads the movie started and I was laughing immediately. The theatre was howling. In another half hour I was asleep.

02006: 84 minutes: dir. Larry Charles: written by Sascha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Peter Baynham & Dan Mazer from a story by Sacha Baron Cohen, Peter Baynham, Anthony Hines & Todd Phillips.


  1. The alcohol was a mistake. It makes you drowsy. Never drink when you're trying to stay up late, unless you plan on drinking the whole time.

  2. I thought I'd gotten over the drowsy hump by drinking a little coffee after dinner. Oh well. Maybe I'll give it another shot before the end of the week and revise, or re-review. I just thought it was funny that I was able to fall asleep in a theatre that loud with laughter.

  3. Re-view and review?

  4. Sexy fun time, yes? In your being asleep, we have have Khazak pastime of rubbing horse urine in hair. Gekchui!

    Imho the movie was disappointing. I love the show, and think it's genius, but the movie fell flat. Maybe its because some of the scenes were so obviously acted-out, with real actors instead of actual people.. situations that would have been hilarious instead felt forced. For example, bringing the bag of poo to the dinner table "What do I do with this"... it was just .. meh.

    I'd recommend spending two hours watching reruns of Ali G season 2 instead.

    Julien Beasley