Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye Blue Monday



  1. helluva guy. we'll miss you KV...

  2. He meant a lot to me growing up. I was super sad yesterday and, unfortunately, it's carrying over into today. I know he thinks he's now forever unstuck but it's still hard to be as generous as "So it goes." And I didn't know him. But he's a part of my mythology. I'm not as funny as him, and probably not as smart, but he left his imprint on my prose and my life; even if I use longer sentences than he'd ever approve of employing. What I'm trying to say is it's odd to know we live in a world without Kurt Vonnegut. He always seemed like that cranky uncle you could count on being there with a good one-liner. That he got so depressed recently was really depressing because it felt like his joy had evaporated. My hope is he's unstuck with some sexy ladies that rejuvenate him so somewhere in time he's back to laughing as often as possible. Or, at least, fucking. The wake is a celebration if done right. It may only be 9 am but let's raise a toast: it's 9 pm somewhere.