Sunday, April 01, 2007

An offering: Spring Break is over.


Wherein, Ryland offers up some of his favorite findings on youtube after some rambling. Not novel or new or anything--these just make him giggle. Why did I use the third person? Ah fuck I'm tired. I need to laze about for yet another week. Good thing I don't have a job and I go to school three days a week and Lightning Bolt is playing in Oakland the same night as the A's home opener.

I guess I should warn that there are major *spoilers* from video 5 onwards. SO! On with the show.

Check back soon for a travelogue through Mexico City. However, we make no promises as to when that will actually hit the interweb. In lieu, in the interim, to whet your appetite (for destruction?), here's some of why I miss Seattle, even though this was a one-shot type of deal. (Although, we should totally make that music video for CHINESE, Mike.)


  1. incredible. thank you, for everything

  2. Could you caption these clips? Some I recognized right away (Weekend) but others could use some context (Kelsey Grammar falling on his ass?). BTW: I didn't laugh at Mr. Grammar's injury. But if you find Dick Cheney falling off a stage, I'm there!