Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shameless Plug

Hey Duff. How's it going?

Yeah, I know.

I feel the same way. I mean summer so far has been, well, such a bummer. There hasn't been much to do. I have already read Middlesex so there goes Oprah's Book Club. Oh well. Did you watch Oprah last week?

Yeah. I needed a box of tissues too. Well, we should get together sometime soon. It's been ages. I mean with you being in the Velvet Underground and me spending all my time dreaming up conversations between myself and celebrities, it's been tough. Hey maybe we can catch a movie sometime...

You're right, Spidey did suck. Maybe we could go see something a little more...I don't know...good?

I don't know Mr. Smarty Pants! Did you ever see:

How about:

Yeah those movies are great! We should get together sometime and watch them. Maybe at your place on your plasma flat screen jumbotron. I'll bring the 8-Ball.

Well I agree, it would be great to see them in the theatre where they were meant to be shown. Hey I know, let's party line G-Money and see if he can do something about this. Hang on. Yo G-Money, what up?


No shit. Hey me and Duff were talking about hooking up next week and we were wondering if you were down.

Well we were talking about watching some old movies and maybe working on the Patriot Quilt for the 4th of July festivities. Hey, you know what I haven't seen in ages:

And what about:

You think we can come over G and scope these joints?


You're shitting me. Really? In Seattle? They're also playing:


Holy fuck:

All starting Wednesday, June 27th?



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  2. Hey! Six of those movies are in the AFI's Top 100! They MUST be good!!

  3. Duff is like the hottest chick I've ever seen.