Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Gangster violence and some language. Sold.

by Ryland Walker Knight

this man is in jail
[This man is in jail.]

Wherein the fan side of things gets tickled into action. Thank you, Michael Mann. (And the ad people at Universal.) Why? The teaser trailer for his summer tentpole, Public Enemies, is now available for viewing. After last night's waste, I'm happy to be excited about Ho'wood product because I can trust that, unlike that bloated advertisement masquerading as a "movie," this feature will only get better the longer it lingers on screen. Also, it will be gorgeous without a ton of digital paint. It will weigh something, too, I imagine, despite its speed. [fN!]

this lady is sexy
this man is the law
break out
of jail
in style
see the wide country side
wave to the public

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