Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Last Lost: "The Candidate"

by Ryland Walker Knight

I guess it was "bold" to kill off Sun and Jin right as they reunited but the main thing that was great was how the scene was shot and lit and how Daniel Dae Kim just gave up on his accent in those close quarters of The End. I guess we're supposed to take Sayid's word for it and believe that Jack's "The Candidate" after all, but that's a little disappointing; I'm glad they used the word in the primed world, too, talking about John. I guess I don't really mind that the prime timeline has a largely different history, but it gets in the way, sometimes, instead of making things easier to swallow. I guess Terry O'Quinn was great when he said goodbye to Matthew Fox with a mask-chuckle. I guess Matthew Fox, for all his shifting in place, was a-okay in this episode. I guess I wish Kate had died on the pier. I guess Sawyer may never get off the damned island. I guess I could write more, don't know if I should, but it's my birthday and, despite the thrill ride that was last night's episode, I don't want to spend any more time on Lost than necessary this morning. I guess that's because I have to go to work.


  1. Happy birthday!

    And damn that was a moving episode. I'll be honest, I was pretty stunned by the body count - though, as others have mentioned, a nagging flaw in the Sun/Jin death scene was how neither one ever mentioned the child they have together. I kept thinking that the Romeo and Juliet romantic death is all well and good for a childless couple, but it's pretty selfish not to think of the kid in a case like this; I was very surprised Sun didn't urge Jin to leave for the kid's sake, or that Jin didn't at least make an attempt to leave. Oh well. Sayid on the other hand nicely completed his arc by finally, decisively, making the choice to sacrifice himself for good rather than continually getting pulled towards the darkness.

    Anyway, that was a very satisfying hour of TV.

  2. Thanks, Ed. It was indeed a satisfying hour. I hadn't thought about the kid, but, yea, that's a big writing brain fart. Guess they figured, and figured correctly, that people would just be caught up in the sentimental lovers moment due to all the cool colors. That whole episode was one of the better-shot episodes in the show's history, I think. All the violence really made sense.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Just last night I was reading the last two episode summaries, and histories of Jacob and the Man In Black... I haven't watched Lost since season 3, but in the shower last night I think I figured a potential ending.

    Jack as the last remaining potential replacement for Jacob, scene with the Man in Black, and sacrifices himself so the Man In Black can 'go home.' But, since the last remaining act would be altruistic/redemptive, presto: the evil that's contained within the island/by the Man In Black v. Jacob eternal struggle is wiped clean. Or something. Jack could even throw himself off a cliff. I just figure they'll end on an ECU of his face, in mirroring the first shot of the series.

    I hope it's much, much better than that.

  4. Thanks, Ken. Definitely gonna end with an ECU. As for the rest... as KG said, Anything is possible.