Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cannes 2011 #4: Cannes Questionnaires

by Ryland Walker Knight

# 1: Gerardo Naranjo

Here's a post I will continue to update as we post these videos on vimeo and in The Notebook. Our first, with Gerardo Naranjo, had its fair share of problems, like a battery dying and the implementation of Danny's Flip in lieu of the T2i, and our second, with BONG Joon-ho, presented new audio issues. Luckily, most of our audience will see the video first on MUBI so this little bit of text won't set up expectations of post-synch hiccups.

In any case, more are in the pipe. We hope you like them because it's a lot of fun for us; maybe even more fun than writing.

# 2: BONG Joon-ho

# 3: Bruno Dumont

# 4: Vimukthi Jayasundara


  1. FWIW: There were issues with all of them (chiefly sound-related) that brought out the perfectionist in us so that's why they're so delayed, and why, with FCP demanding so much of my computer and my time, my writing was so stalled the second week of the festival.

  2. Also wanted to say that I'm fairly certain these sound problems at this stage are due to the exporting process, not our work to synch sound. I'd like to say, hey, look how we highlighted certain words, but, well, we weren't trying to do that. *sad face*

  3. Think we figured it out, with even more tech help from Barry. (thanks, b!)

  4. Hah, I thought it was a cool trick y'all were doing with the sound.

  5. I like how you don't prune out the translator. We get a lot more time than usual to study the faces. These guys look like their films-- Dumont especially, haha.