Thursday, February 03, 2005

moose tape 7?

i think it's done...but i haven't thought about what to write underneath the songs yet. but hey, i can always come back and edit this:

1. 'Look At Me' John Lennon [John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band] - 2:54
2. 'Telephone Wires' Mirah [You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This] - 2:30
3. 'Hollow Log' Beck [One Foot In The Grave] - 1:54
4. 'Starting a New Life' Van Morrison [Tupelo Honey] - 2:10
5. 'From the Morning' Nick Drake [Pink Moon] - 2:30
6. 'Factory Girl' Rolling Stones [Beggar's Banquet] - 2:12
7. 'Here She Comes Now' The Velvet Underground [White Light/White Heat] - 2:04
8. 'Sitting Still' REM [Murmur] - 3:18
9. 'Lost In The Supermarket' The Clash [London Calling] - 3:47
10. 'So Convinced' Superchunk [Come Pick Me Up] - 1:59
11. 'Transmission' Joy Division [Substance] - 3:36
12. 'New Health Rock' TV on the Radio [New Health Rock 7"] - 4:03
13. 'Yellow Calx' Aphex Twin [Richard D James Album] - 3:02
14. 'untitled 16' Bogdan Raczynski [Boku Mo Warakan] - 1:14
15. 'The Agreeing Song' Dwayne Sodahberk [Unfortunately] - 2:51
16. 'Xpressway To Yrself' Electric Company [Attitude] - 1:00
17. 'I Got No Time For Rearviews' Prefuse73 [Extinguished: Outtakes] - 1:27
18. 'julia walsh' cex [role model] - 5:04
19. 'Guanxi' Scanner vs. DJ Spooky [The Quick and The Dead] - 3:52
20. 'Starman' David Bowie [Ziggy Stardust] - 4:18
21. 'Houses in Motion' Talking Heads [Remain in Light] - 4:33
22. 'Laminated Cat' Loose Fur [Loose Fur] - 7:20
23. 'Banga' Ali Faraka Toure [Talking Timbuktu] - 2:32
24. 'Um Tom' Caetano Veloso [Best Of] - 2:30
25. 'Starman' Seu Jorge [The Life Aquatic Soundtrack] - 3:21

Not quite the full 80 minutes but it's so many songs, I think it's okay. And I know yr like 'wtf? repeating the same song?' well, trust me, it works. okay, sleep. god this was a dumb use of my brain/eyes/sleeptime. but when you can't sleep...


  1. Playlists are dead...i like dicking around, selecting one artist at a time on my ipod. That way I don't have to pay attention to anyone or anything around me, perfectly content to ignore and be ignored. Yet, my problem also is, in public I'm usually far too manic to just listen to a predetermined playlist, what if I tire of the indie song on and want to hear something off the new Out Hud. WhaT Do I dO?

    Peeing is Super:
    see you this weekend, not sure about super bowl party though. may return to santa cruz so I can actually get drunk and watch the superbowl instead of being unsatisfied watching a game i really dont care about...sober...and then having to drive back to santa cruz...sober...and then having to call up people, who are drunk and be like, "I'm...sober...and somber."

  2. Ryland is a cool name. It's kinda like my name but with different letters taking up the front and rear.