Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man Love for Robert Downey Jr.

by Ryland Walker Knight

making faces

Somehow it’s fitting, even forgivable, that this prototype reflects the film’s clunky opening: reinvention is a fix-it job.

I saw Iron Man yesterday afternoon and wrote some words about the pleasant experience for The House Next Door. You can read them by clicking here. It's got a mostly-terrible, or just plain rote, screenplay, but it's also got Robert Downey Jr. and he's a treasure: charming and handsome, a gentle and generous spirit under that sardonic cover, a flat out great comedian. I think Iron Man is as much about him as it is (or is not) about weapons of mass destruction; much how one could read A Scanner Darkly as about that group of actors and their troubled, winding histories through Hollywood and the movies. Oh, right, I did that, too: click here.

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