Monday, February 05, 2007

Evergreen Syrup Screenshot/s for the day

by Ryland Walker Knight

What kills me is the third image and its ghost edges. And that this brief glimpse is routinely forgotten when Trouble Every Day garners notice. I think the key to June & Shane's love, the film's heart (& not its libido) rests here, in peace, among gargoyles and lost scarves, floating above Paris, outside Paris: these moments that litter this film are the real-deal barbarian invasions.

Blood has never felt so heavy in its syrup drool flavors as it does here.

[Stay tuned: A real critique is formulating.]


  1. Although there is no denying the magic of the green scarf, do you really find the center of their love in this scene which is so weighted with ambiguous pastiche? Acting the monster, the tourist-gothic location...I find the scarf is probably the only sweet element of a sequence that is otherwise laden with a dread which Gallo's character tries to dismiss or reconfigure. And of course the sweetness of the scarf is tied to the picture of his wife as a virgin bride, so deep down I'm not even sure how unmenacing the whole scene is. It replays in my mind now as an attempt on Gallo's part to recontextualize his fear and terror for consuming his bride into a romantic/movie-history-aware setpiece atop Notre Dame. Beautiful, thought provoking images! I'm glad discussion of this film is reappearing online.

  2. Yeah, I do, cuz it's a failed love. When shown together, at the beginning of the scene, it's in a long shot, miniaturizing the couple. Then, it's a series of isolating medium close ups. It builds from there, obviously, but I don't really know if Shane will be alright in the end. He may just continue this cycle, as we all may, and, in the end, it may end up devouring June. I'm still working on it, though, so check back later, alright? I can't really offer anything better right now.