Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Obligatory 70mm Film Festival image for the evening

Waltz wit it

Believe. One, two, three, One, two three, One, two three....


  1. Saw it last night from the front row, and I feel purged, reawakened. So much to say and so little time to say it. I've got some notes scribbled somewhere...

  2. So much to say. I just want to reiterate "Believe" but add "in light" if that works: Believe in light. Which is to say one learns from the light. Oh how smart this film is. I, too, find myself renewed but dumbstruck even though I know what I want to say. Except I can only say it all at the same time in my head.

    Best thing to say: it sure was loud but I could have had it louder.

    I love it when I can feel a movie. There's not much taste but I should like to say that all my senses are alive throughout the film. I don't understand how you can eat something during this film. Drinking some kind of liquid may be necessary since it is such a dry film. I should say that prior to the film I was repulsed by the food I did not eat across the street and my appetite was curbed in general but nothing could get in the way of how good this movie really is. Such a delight to go see something I whole-heartedly love, and admire. I came out beaming.

  3. Also worth noting: even this famous poster misinterprets the film. Or, misrepresents it.