Monday, September 10, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween

by Ryland Walker Knight

I'm gonna get you, sissy.

"Zombie’s often-frantic style is not a Tony Scott concrete-to-the-head bully-fest but the bludgeoning of Halloween, here, will not be ignored — not for a second. There is a confrontation with mortality but the outcome feels predetermined, destined. You will bear witness an unfolding without tension. You will know who will die, and why, rather shortly. In the second-half, complete with caesura cut to credits, what you don’t get is a logical “why” for Michael’s terror parade. That part of it is intriguing. But it’s at odds with the first half’s set up. Why do we need the why if we’re going to be told it meant nothing anyways?"

[For the rest of the review click here and you will be forwarded to The Daily Californian's website.]

[I didn't say anything in my review about the girls but lemme tell you, boys, they are attractive. Especially Danielle Harris. Hard to believe she's 30. I totally thought she was 18 and I was even more of a pervert for watching her get naked and enjoying myself. Ms. Harris, you're beautiful; it was painful to see you abused. Take care of yourself. And I hope to see your star rise.]

02007: 109 minutes: written and directed by Rob Zombie: based on an original screenplay by John Carpenter and Debra Hill.

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