Friday, July 30, 2010

Always imagine new places. Notes on Inception [part two, kinda]

by Ryland Walker Knight

Turns out we don't care enough to write a sequel post. Turns out we both feel (Jen and I) that you can't really write anything that shatteringly brilliant about the film because the film's just not all that shatteringly brilliant. It's simply effective entertainment, however overlong, and I (for one) would probably just wind up talking about Shutter Island again and how different the direction of Leo (of all the actors) is in either movie, and how much better at it Scorsese is; that is, how much more about performance the first film is and how that appeals to me, how that works better; and nobody needs (much less wants) to read that again. Instead, I'll give you some other stay options: (1) you could/should watch Louie on FX, a wry over-40 observational show about how ignoble life is and how absurd most social interaction can be; the fourth episode was great, the best so far. Or (2) give Valhalla Rising a rent On Demand if it's not playing near you. (3) I still "need" to see Toy Story 3 and (4) can't wait to see Lourdes again (SFIFF capsule) when it opens at the Roxie in a couple weeks. Lourdes, after all, is about ambiguity in the way that Inception is about how to tailor a suit. (Those numbers are unnecessary, sure, but I found them funny.)

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  1. Thanks Ry. Yeah, I wish I had more to develop, about the dromenon, about the value of this genre and its ideal... but I think, as SB suggested in his kind comment, I'd be talking about a film Nolan hasn't made (yet?). If I can get to a screening of _Enter the Void_, Mr. Boone, I will...