Monday, April 28, 2008

Momentary Geek-Out. The Dark Knight ad campaign returns to form.


This comes via Rob Humanick, and while it certainly gets my fanboy juices flowing, it's still pretty hard to top those Joker-specific posters from a while ago (look here). But Heath Ledger's unfortunate, left-field death definitely stopped that marketing plan. How fitting is it that the new tagline is "Welcome to a world without rules"? I'm glad the print team, at least, is back to making this a supreme ad campaign (let's forget this hack-job and the worries it instills) because I have faith that this will be one pretty fucking awesome blockbuster with its questions about seriousness (what is the worth of seriousness and unseriousness? isn't unseriousness still a form of seriousness?), its abandonment of rules (think about how rules work, or don't, in The Prestige) and its Joker (RIP) and its mack trucks flipping over. I hope to see it in IMAX. I hope it knocks my socks off. Then again, I don't want to get too excited. It's not like Christopher Nolan knows how to shoot actions scenes like Gore Verbinski or Steven Spielberg. (Yup, I made that link.) --RWK [Cross posted on freeNIKES!]

5/4/2008 UPDATE: A new trailer premiered this weekend. You can view it right here. Heath Ledger was so cool...


  1. Thanks for the hat tip. I'm doing my best to actually read more of what other people are writing these days, and it's already paying off, methinks.

    I think I can actually agree with your connecting Spielberg and Verbinski in the action department. I'm still wary on revisiting Dead Man's Chest, but I'm with you 100% on At World's End. The whole vortex battle is ridiculous (just as good as anything in the Indy movies) - I just don't get the vitriol against it.

  2. It's funny: people are willing to go along with my defense of _AWE_, and even admire the first film for its relatively tidy resolutions, but it's pretty rare to find people who are willing to permit the thought, let alone agree, that _Dead Man's Chest_ may indeed be one of the great action films of all time. I need to write its defense, probably. But not right now... my thesis takes a lot of polishing this month.

    In any event: thanks for stopping by. I dig your new look for your blog. I'll read your _Speed Racer_ thoughts as soon as I see the fucker -- and write down my own. I'm still holding out hope (against hope) that it might be awesome.