Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wolf Like Me

by Steven Boone

Hippy dippy Woodstock director Michael Wadleigh made only one narrative feature film, the majestically weird horror fable Wolfen. Having not seen it since Late Late Show screenings in the 1980's, I remembered Wolfen, faintly, as that other, lesser, wolf flick of 1981.

Not until screening it recently with a horror afficionado pal did I come to understand it as a reeling peyote vision of New York City's Third World future, the one I'm staggering through presently. Damn. This video is my parting shot as I prepare to join a sad, strange exodus from the city that used to feel like home.

Originally posted at BIG MEDIA VANDALISM


  1. Hey Ryland, The Native American Spirits aren't menacing New York, They are delivering it from the grasps of Corporate America.This isn't a dirge kiddo, it's a celebration. Owoooo!
    Maybe Devo can explain this more clearly. peace

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