Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last Lost: "The Last Recruit"

by Ryland Walker Knight


X never marks the spot


Go on, tell her


Hipster hair, sneer


Smokey ringing loud


  1. Such a good episode, at least because it had so many great individual moments, as these screenshots show: Sawyer and Jack continuing to switch roles, Desmond serenely facing down Sayid, Sun and Jin's reunion (though it was ruined a bit by the nonsense about Sun losing/regaining her English), Smokey admitting he was posing as Christian (handled much better than Michael's on-the-nose exposition about the whispers last week), and the sideways world moving purposefully towards, well, whatever it's heading towards, as the slippage between the two worlds continues to progress as per Desmond's plan. The pieces are obviously coming together; for what, who knows, but it should be an exciting last few weeks.

    I love how the end game is shaping up to be a chess match, with the rest of the cast as pieces, between Desmond and the Smoke Monster.

  2. Thanks, Ed, for stopping by. I agree with all you said. Part of the reason I don't really want to write many/any more of these things is because I just want to take in the silly plot and not worry about it. Also, what can you really say? Can't keep talking up Terry O'Quinn every episode, can I? I guess I could say something about Desmond's hair, or Claire's wig. Or how that kid who plays Jack's son sounds like a 22 year old, not a 13 year old.

    In any case, it looks like we'll get some good killing in the next episode, too!