Friday, January 04, 2008

Poem for the month. Tulips: Songs: III

by e. e. cummings

Always before your voice my soul
half-beautiful and wholly droll
is as some smooth and awkward foal,
whereof young moons begin
the newness of his skin,

so of my stupid sincere youth
the exquisite failure uncouth
discovers a trembling and smooth
Unstrength,against the strong
silences of your song;

or as a single lamb whose sheen
of full unsheared fleece is mean
beside its lovelier friends,between
your thoughts more white than wool
My thought is sorrowful:

but my heart smote in trembling thirds
of anguish quivers to your words,
As to a flight of thirty birds
shakes with a thickening fright
the sudden fooled light.

it is the autumn of a year;
When through the thin air stooped with fear,
across the harvest whitely peer
empty of surprise
death's faultless eyes

(whose hand my folded soul shall know
while on faint hills do frailly go
The peaceful terrors of the snow,
and before your dead face
which sleeps,a dream shall pass)

and these my days their sounds and flowers
Fall in a pride of petaled hours
like flowers at the feet of mowers
whose bodies strong with love
through meadows hugely move.

yet what am i that such and such
mysteries very simply touch
me,whose heart-wholeness overmuch
Expects of your hair pale,
a terror musical?

while in an earthless hour my fond
soul seriously years beyond
this fern of sunset frond on frond
opening in a rare
Slowness of gloried air...

The flute of morning stilled in noon--
noon the implacable bassoon--
now Twilight seeks the thrill of moon,
washed with a wild and thin
despair of violin

[An evening of reading e.e.cummings (borrowed by chance from an absent associate) alone in bed was quite restorative after my travels. He can get a little precious sometimes but the rhythms are always delectable. Plus, this one fit the week, as I remember it, all too well. I'm seeing There Will Be Blood for a second time this afternoon. It's no tulip, of course, but the chimneys are all very sexual -- peep Sonnets-Realities, XII & XIX (hot shit) -- and lust is an obvious lack in PTA's picture, as I remember it, however large a roll my prurience may play in my life. Thus this piece of pretty musik.] --RWK

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