Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bring it on, 2008, we are your friends.

Happy New Year. I had quite the time in LA at the First Annual Hard NYE party: I danced so hard I lost my glasses and had to buy new ones. Look at a clip of Justice's set right here. I think I was blind by this point but it was still a ton of fun. Even better? Dan Oh's 3am set. We did the shower, the mummy, went around the world, and got down like the nuts we are. Our dance circle will not be the same without you, Lisa. (Uber-cool, super hip pix from Bronques, who I saw at The Standard the next evening with my new glasses, and thecobrasnake, who I didn't see at all; we were nowhere near that part of the party.) I hope to write something longer about the whole trip and the whole of the last week to publish sooner than later. Enjoy yourselves: smile, dance, imbibe, eat, hug, love, see, be in the world. Here's a great soundtrack for all that. --RWK

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