Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to school 20:08 screenshot for the day.

and a 1 and a 2

From the 20:08 minute:second mark in Edward Yang's last film, the probably-perfect Yi Yi. Really would like to see some more of his films. Berkeley has a VHS copy of That Day, on the Beach. Guess I'll have to cross my fingers for that Cinematheque retrospective to travel West so I can see A Brighter Summer Day. My classes begin at 9:30 AM. Better get to bed. --RWK


  1. Ry, the full 4-hr version of Brighter Summer Day is also available for 15 bucks at Super Happy Fun. Rosenbaum recommended this site in his Cinema Scope column once.

    Wish you a good start to the new semester!

  2. Thanks, Girish, for the comment. I just may have to buy it. Funny I chose this film today, what with the Heath Ledger news. I came home sad and watched the second half (after watching the first half last night), finishing my second viewing. It truly is something. Helped me realize, yet again, life is happening all around you, always: love it, and live it, while you can. Someday I can tell somebody, with a smile, I hope, that I feel old. And that somebody will smile, too, because we're all old getting older -- we live, it's what we do. But to think we are special, to think any of us is more special than any other person (place, or thing), is wrongheaded and plain false. We are special to those we know, sure, but even that gift can shatter, or evaporate, and it will, when death finds us. The best I think we can do is to look around, find what gets us out of the house and around our friends, or into a river, or up a tree, to laugh and cry and eat and sweat and love and enjoy ourselves despite whatever ugly (so often) rears its head.

  3. Yang films are coming to the Bay Area; I don't think it's been officially announced but a little bird dropped the info at an unnamed blog you and I have been known to read. (not mine). Can you wait until March?