Thursday, January 10, 2008

Claire Denis and Sonic Youth? Too cool.

RWK says: Daniel Stuyck talks about this dream pairing in the new issue of Film Comment. Read it here. (Via DH's Daily Greencine, of course.) I used to listen to SY a lot; I currently watch Denis movies a lot. How did this happen? Goes to show how out of the loop I am. Or how uncool I am? I've often thought I wasn't cool enough to listen to Sonic Youth. Especially after hanging around backstage during the first stateside All Tomorrow's Parties. It makes sense to feel dwarfed by Thurston Moore's imposing size (dude's a giant), but I felt like I was a foot taller than Kim Gordon and she still intimidated me like crazy. Guess that goes to show how much of a fanboy almost-20-year-old I was. At least Steve Shelley looked like a goofy ex-punk dad in his tweed blazer, nerd glasses and beat up high top Chucks. (Coolest, most down to earth dude that weekend? Nels Cline. Stephen Malkmus was kind enough to grant us a stupid interview, too.) Anyways, I found two of the videos on youtube. They're pretty cool. Maybe too cool. Here they are:

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