Sunday, October 05, 2008

Found Facts. Telluride 2008.
Telluride #5

by Ryland Walker Knight

With little footage to edit, there was only one way for this one to come together. However, I'm rather certain anything I shot there would wind up in a similar arrangement. And the fact (these facts) remain: this is what I culled from that magic. Yet this is hardly a full picture. Just another sliver, a few dots arrayed. To get a broader view (or more personal, too? I dunno), you can take a look at the flickr set my New Good Friend Rebecca has uploaded by clicking right here. There's a lot of sky there, too. More faces, though. And faces are good. Especially these two doing this and mine about to burst past the banister. I think Drew is saying, "Get big, gurh!" past Martha and Rebecca. We laughed a lot. And, I will admit, the 'zza was better than the burritos; and my tacos fell apart real quick. So happy we skipped Hunger to play in the sun.


Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon - So Much Love To Give (CD Promo Club Mix) (zshare)
Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon - So Much Love To Give (CD Promo Club Mix) (imeem)
[To whom it may concern: If you'd like me to remove these, let me know. I'm gonna trust it's cool for now. We got lots of love to give here, and that includes this song. So, thanks!]


Note: Ignoramus that I am, I just discovered imeem has video options. I shall continue to upload these to my youtube channel as well, since youtube is mega reliable and (cough) attracts traffic, but I plan on hosting the imeem versions here on the blog because, well, because they look prettier and imeem somehow understands, at a fundamental level, this whole digital is mosaic thing. Oh, and, you can (please) go here to see the previous Found Facts missives a little clearer. Nope: I'm not gonna go back and change the earlier posts.


  1. That cut from the tunnel back to the theater is awesome.

  2. Thanks, man. I'm pretty proud of this, it's true, but it's always nice to hear compliments!