Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Found Facts. September 2008.

by Ryland Walker Knight

It's tough to trim a life into ten minute segments. But, even though this episode (installment? missive?) has less jokes than its predecessors, I hope and trust that this assemblage will make you giggle -- here and there, if not everywhere. And so it goes. Another month and another friend leaves the Bay. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my good Stevie found facts, which forced me to play with that absence, or that theme, or something. Indeed: September is some weird lacuna for a few of us that seems distant and empty. Perhaps the word I'm searching for is "liminal." Then again, isn't that just life? Everything transition? Is that a developing FF theme? Yes? Yes. Trying to grab ephemera. Trying to find fun here. It's tough, sure, but, as Cam says, "I'm enjoying this." Please: join us by the fire. Burn forward and lick the world like a flame. Also, dance. Please. Yes!


The Juan Maclean - Dance With Me: [zshare] and/or [imeem]

[To whom it may concern: If you'd like me to remove these song files, let me know. I'm gonna trust it's cool for now! To the others it may concern: go buy Less Than Human, like, three years ago.]