Thursday, July 02, 2009

Convergence for our new horizons (7/2/09)

by Ryland Walker Knight

light, bounce

light, burn


  1. Your site is fascinating, a pleasure to follow. Eclecticism with a point, or better, a montage of ideas.

    Thought you might like to see our recent post on Public Enemies, as I believe it resonates with your thoughts here.

    And thanks, by the way, for your kind remarks regarding our site. I'm surprised you stumbled across it.


  2. Thanks, RW, for the note! I do love your site! So happy you're back at it, and boy are you. Drop me a "real" note some time, if you can, as I'd love to pick your Photoshop cropping brain more!

  3. Also, here's a clickable link to RW's new _Public Enemies_ post. It's fabulous. "Granular," indeed: it implies sound as much as micro observation.