Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liars, Thieves and Cheats: New Metro Classics Calendar

by Ryland Walker Knight

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Sean Gilman brings us news of the brand, spanking new Metro Classics Calendar over at the brand, spanking new Metro Classics Blog. This season's series has all kinds of goodies, and the new blog already has a good primer on its inspiration. If you remember, we did a kind of internet interview a little while back for the previous calendar, which you can read here. I'll save more extensive table setting to Mikey, who will probably pop up here before too long with his own kind of preview. For now, here's the place mats. Of the new line-up I'd most like to see F For Fake projected, but, as the case is, I'll have you know that I'm gonna ladle out some thoughts on the series opener, Charade, just as soon as I can grab some images I like.

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