Monday, February 11, 2008

Chagoya at BAM, words in paper. UPDATED.

by Ryland Walker Knight

the wash

I looked in on the set up of the new 25-year retrospective of Enrique Chagoya's work that the Berkeley Art Museum organized. Then I wrote some words about it for The Daily Cal. Click here to read them. I tried to be kind but it didn't quite work. I liked some of it but for the most part there wasn't enough variety, or something: I guess I like blue more than red? Still, it's always worth it to go to BAM cuz the architecture is so crazy. And the Tomás Saraceno stuff is still there for another week (I really dig those bubble constellations). So go and tell me I'm wrong (or right). Thanks, again, to Jonathan at BAM for the kind help.

[Pic: "Liberty Club #1" -- my favorite of the exhibit, which looks a lot better in person, where the blacks look black and the grayscale gradients make a difference. The weight is palpable in person. UPDATE: Thanks, Steve, for the contrast adjustment; it looks a lot better. Although, I still recommend the real deal at some point, if at all possible.]

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