Thursday, February 07, 2008

Charles Gatewood on Wall Street in San Francisco

little man

RWK says: Since I'm currently a student and not an office drone (yet), it takes me a little while to catch up on some things, like this post on Boing Boing yesterday alerting me of a really cool weekend to do in the City: Charles Gatewood's Wall Street photographs at the Robert Tat Gallery. I mostly know of Gatewood through his reputation as a fetish documentarian so this prospect of, ahem, commodity fetishism sounds great; that is, easier for somebody like me to stomach. Especially with a metallic black-and-white palate such as that lead picture. Gimme gimme. And I can dig this picture's sense of humor:

international players anthem

[Note: The exhibition opens today and runs through March.]


  1. Wow, the gallery web site is cool, and the artist will be there in person next weekend! Great find, thanks!

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